Want to sell with us during the age of Covid? We encourage you to download our drop off sheet HERE. Print it at home, fill it out, and attach onto your bags. This will make the drop off process faster since we have a limited number of customers permitted in the store at one time.

More information on selling your goods with us:

Marigold now buys gently used and well cared for second-hand clothing and home goods. But wait! Before bringing in your goods, please take a look at the information below. Please note that we are a small sized store that is very selective and curated due to the nature of our store and the store's size. 

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, we only accept local inquiries for buying. We love our online customers but cannot currently manage the logistics of purchasing from afar! ADDITIONALLY: When you bring items in to sell to us, you are committing to accepting either a cash or store credit offer for the items we accept. We do not have the capacity in staff or space to allow customers to refuse offers. Please read offer information thoroughly. 


  • No more than 2 garbage bags brought in from a seller at a time
  • Good condition pieces for women (through plus size) and children that are washed, relatively unwrinkled, and ready to sell
    • skirts + dresses
    • blouses + tops
    • sweaters
    • shoes in good condition
    • accessories (scarves, jewelry, etc)
    • children's clothes (through kids medium or 8/10)
  • Classic and/or vintage home pieces without stains, cracks, tears, etc.
    • baskets
    • blankets
    • decorative pillows
    • vases
    • unique dish ware
    • lamps
    • classic children's toys + books


  • Items with stains, tears, rips, odors, excessive wrinkles
  • More than two garbage bags of items per drop off 
  • Items that we do not feel appeal to our brand's aesthetic 


  • You can bring your clothes in any time we are open! We are open from Wednesday through Saturday, 11-5pm.
  • Please make sure your all your items are cleaned, laid flat (not overly wrinkled) and ready for being sold.
  • Brand names are nice, but our motto is that we value aesthetic over brand, so do not stress about brand names! 
  •  We love classic, neutral, and timeless pieces with a little bit of carefully chosen eclectic + colorful style thrown in - take a look at our mood board below to get an idea! 
  • We love vintage but tend to lean toward the classic, timeless vintage, not eccentric or kitsch 
  • We are always looking for pieces that are natural textiles - we love 100% cotton! (though we do not exclusively accept only those, so if a piece is great and it's polyester, we will still take it!)


  • You can bring in items anytime during regular store hours, Thursday - Saturday 1-6pm or Sunday 1-5 pm.
  • If you drop your items, it may be up to 48 hours until we are able to go through them. If Jolie is around and can look at them promptly, we will be sure to take care of you as quickly as possible. Otherwise, we will email you with the email you provide to let you know when your items can be picked up and/or your cash/store credit arranged.
  • Customers will have 10 days after being contacted by us to retrieve their items and/or cash/store credit before items will be donated.
  • Please understand that we may be pickier than standard consignment stores. Because we are buying outright, we have to be certain each piece will do well in the store when we buy it.
  • We typically take just a few pieces per customer, if any at all, so please do not be offended! Our store sizes compels us to be very selective due to space +curation.
  • We offer cash for items ( 25% of what we will sell it for) or store credit (35% of what we will sell it for)
  • Don't forget that we aim to keep our store prices affordable and accessible - so if you are offered $3 cash for a Madewell top that means you are getting 20% of the sale when it goes for $15 in the store.
  • We are happy to donate your items if we pass them up, just let us know you'd like us to do so on your initial form fill out!


  • If you choose to have your items returned to you, you have 10 business days once you hear from us to retrieve your items, due to limited space in our facility. If after 10 business days your items are not picked up, they are at risk for being donated.
  • When you drop off items to sell you are committing to accept either a cash or store credit offer for your items. We do not hold items once we make an offer.